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Loss of Homes,
Property Values & Taxes

  • People are being forced from the homes they love because they cannot tolerate the noise. They are required to have disclosure clauses on their real estate sales if they live near where these aircraft fly. This is emotionally and financially crippling to homeowners. Proposed increased operations will likely cause Accident Potential Zones (APZs) to be imposed.

    Island County will have to change zoning designations to prevent development. Similar downzoning has had negative effects on other communities, making mortgages and home loans difficult, impeding housing sales, and reducing property values. Unoccupied houses and deterioration of affected areas creates social, public health, and safety issues. Approximately 4,400 land parcels with an assessed value of $1.3 billion will be affected.

  • As property use is restricted and people move away, revenue from property taxes may fall, leaving remaining Island County

  • residents to shoulder the burden of paying more taxes to support firefighting, police, emergency, and other essential local services. Who will pay the costs of APZ-required land actions?

    Homes outside the APZs but within the sound field (areas where sound is disturbing, dependent on the direction the jet’s tailpipe is aimed) will decline in value, stripping many property owners of their single biggest asset, their home, and further lowering property tax revenue for the county.Why is a small county being forced to subsidize the nation’s military? Why should its citizens face such extreme negative economic consequences?

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