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Action Fair – A Great Success!

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

CONTACT: Maryon Attwood, Chair, Sound Defense Alliance

PHONE: 360-678-1414,


Over 200 people attended the Sound Defense Alliance’s (SDA) No New Jets, No New Flights event in Coupeville, WA on November 15th. Hundreds of post cards were filled out and sent to Congressional electeds and the Governor. A wall-sized thank you note was signed by attendees to be delivered to Congressman Larsen who has become increasingly vocal about the noise impacts of the proposed Growler expansion.

Valerie Reuther, one the event organizers, explained that, ’the Action Fair could not have gone better and we’re encouraged by the continuing and overwhelming response of people to the Department of Defense’s out of balance proposal that is too big for this region. What the military is asking for is impossible and people get it’, Reuther stated.

“Northwest communities have partnered with the Military in protecting our national security for decades – but the Navy’s proposal to expand it’s noise impact on the region is just too much. Any expansion of the Growler jet program is destructive to our communities because of the incredible noise, pollution, and economic impacts. We need our elected officials to stand up for us, and because of the public’s involvement – we are beginning to see some encouraging signs of support.” stated Maryon Attwood, current chairperson of the Sound Defense Alliance.

The Sound Defense Alliance is a new voice in Washington of over 12 organizations across the region with memberships totaling about 25,000 and growing, working to protect our communities and natural environment from increasing and harmful impacts of expanded military activity around Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula

Scores of new volunteers were mobilized and information tables provided newcomers and attendees with updates and background materials. Speakers included local experts on what’s at stake; what has been accomplished; and what can be done.

Teresa Purcell, the SDA’s Political Consultant, highlighted the amazing success of the campaign that’s building regional momentum around Puget Sound while it pressures elected officials to stand solidly with the community. “The military is taking on the people of a region – not just a single town. Northwest Washington has an independent history and people will not be collateral damage for a DoD proposal out of step with the region. A lot of people live in Northwest Washington and it’s our job to move them to action”, Purcell concluded.

Speaker Mayor Hughes, Mayor of Coupeville, captured the spirit in the room in her closing remarks by reminding people of the power of the community that created the Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve 40 years ago and that this history gives hope to the No new jets, no new flights campaign that the impossible can happen again.

Maryon Attwood, Sound Defense chair, concluded “right now and for the near future all of our efforts are focused on building and broadening our base of concerned community members and to keep the pressure on our elected officials to bring our concerns to the Department of Defense for a better and sustainable resolution with the US Navy. If you live in Northwest Washington – this is your issue and we encourage groups and individuals with common goals to become SDA members.”

For more information on the Sound Defense Alliance contact, visit our facebook page,, and visit the website

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