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Legislative Committee Update

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

The legislative committee created several documents for the Navy’s Real-time Noise Study. SDA provided a long and a short list of suggested monitoring sites, and a Fact sheet of recommendations for what should be in a Noise Monitoring Study. These were sent to electeds to enhance their ability to provide input to the Navy on the Real-Time Monitoring Study, as well as, to all of the Congressional offices in Northwest Washington, and the Governor’s office. SDA was able to provide key information that represented the region. Additionally, committee team members conducted phone calls with several commissioners and state electeds. SDA will be following up and monitoring the progress of this Study over the coming months. The legislative team also put pressure on the Navy and the Governor’s office to stop flying over citizens homes and businesses during the Carona-virus stay-at-home policies. SDA made calls to the Governor’s office, posted on social media, and sent an email that many of you received.

We are looking forward to the SDA’s citizen science program beginning in July; sites have been selected by that committee and we look forward to moving forward with the help of a local donor who contributed the funds ($5,000) for monitoring equipment.

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