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SDA: Taking a look back and making plans for impact in 2021

It goes without saying that 2020 has brought many, many challenges. The team at SDA met those challenges head on and forged ahead!

What have we accomplished in 2020?

Increased our Organizational Capacity: We have expanded our board, received a generous contribution mid year for $25,000, and added new volunteers to committees such as Research and Legislative Action. We engaged thousands of people to take action and increased our donor base. We also hired both a Communications Manager and Social Media Coordinator.

Built our Base: We quickly adjusted to the new world of online organizing and expanded activities throughout the region. We hosted online outreach events across the Olympic Peninsula, Camano Island, the San Juan Islands, and Whidbey Island. We have a new group forming in Port Townsend, Quiet Skies Over San Juan County is now engaging all islands in the county, and a Camano Island group is ready to take action.

Continued Legislative Action and Political Power Building: We deepened our relationships with key elected officials resulting in having “a seat at the table,” generated thousands of calls and emails to elected officials at all levels of office and the Navy, and had key requests included in the NDAA – the noise study extension and resulting data to be made accessible to the public!

Built Public Awareness and our Community Profile: We built our social media presence and engagement, became a “go to” source for comments on the activities of the Navy and noise issues, and increased public awareness of the harm that the Navy is causing to people, wildlife, and the planet.

What are our goals as we move into 2021? We will continue to build political power, expand our base and resources, and promote education and legislative action!

  • Implement the roadmap to restore balance, by working to ensure that the Navy relocates the Growlers to a location where the noise does not impact residents of local communities, environmentally sensitive areas, or wildlife.

  • Build political power by strengthening our alliances and partnerships, expanding our organizing to include other impacted communities in our region and Seattle, and continuing to nurture relationships with local, state, and federal elected officials.

  • Promote legislative action and hold the Navy accountable to the real time noise study as required by the National Defense Authorization Act, pursue possibilities for health impact studies, and engage with key elected officials to explore alternative sites for the Growlers.

What are our plans for 2021? We are excited to have a new administration in the White House and will explore opportunities to advance our issue with the help of this administration.

  • We will move our roadmap forward with elected officials and our members, taking steps to ensure that we have growing support among local, state and federal officials to stand with us.

  • We will expand our member base into Seattle and other impacted regional communities like the Skagit Valley and Forks on the Peninsula, and expand our partnerships and affiliate member organizations.

  • We will explore additional citizen science research study possibilities that can engage people across the region, providing additional data and potentially addressing health impacts.

  • We will work for accountability and transparency with the Navy on their real time noise monitoring study and other activities to ensure that they HEAR US and are responsive to our needs.

  • We will work to expand and increase financial support for our work.

  • We will engage other opinion leaders to work with us to impact both the Biden Administration and Congress to understand and act on our behalf.

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