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The New York Times wants YOUR stories!

As many of you saw last week, the New York Times is taking notice of the impacts of harmful noise! They are calling for personal stories and noise measurements - we encourage you to submit your stories about Growler jet noise to help raise their awareness around military noise impacts. This is an incredible opportunity to have our voices amplified and heard nation-wide. Please share with friends, family, and neighbors to make sure they hear us!

If you missed the NY Times articles, you can read them here: Noise Could Take Years Off Your Life. Here's How. Are You Exposed to Too Much Noise? Here's How to Check. Does Noise Affect Your Life? We Want to Know.

If you'd like your stories to also be shared to our media and website, please send them to us! We appreciate hearing from you and learning more about how you are affected by the jets so that we can understand more about the issue across the region.

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