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Report Jet Noise

Report jet noise using one of these three methods!


Reporting jet noise helps add to the data and your comments to the San Juan Noise Map are included in the Quiet Skies jet noise report summaries which are sent bi-monthly to elected officials.


“When They Fly We Call” the Navy at (360) 257-6665


Send your comment to the Navy via e-mail:

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 1.28.07 PM.png

Add your pin to the San Juan County (SCJ) Noise Map (open to everyone) along with a comment that will be shared bimonthly with elected officials to raise their awareness about the impacts of Growler jets on our region.

Fill in the date, time, aircraft, loudness and location.

Have you heard a U.S. Navy “Growler” jet while visiting Olympic National Park? National Parks Conservation Association is collecting information about visitors’ negative experiences hearing Growlers in Olympic National Park. Please complete the survey once for each distinct instance you heard the Growlers. NPCA will use the information you provide to advocate for quieter skies over Olympic National Park.
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