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Talking Points

Welcome to the Sound Defense Alliance guide to making yourself heard! You have joined us in our shared concern over the increased Growler jet military presence in Northwest Washington. Since the SDA was founded in 2018, the Navy has increased and ramped up Growler jet operations over central Whidbey Island and the surrounding region by 400%.

We are pleased that you’re joining thousands of people across Northwest Washington who are Sound Defenders! Although there are plenty of reasons to oppose Growlers jets over Puget Sound and the Salish Sea, you don’t have to choose just one. Cite a different reason for your opposition every time you call, email, or write a postcard/letter to your elected officials or when you talk to family and friends about Growler jet impacts.

Every reason counts, every contact counts, and every citizen counts. For what to do, see our “Take Action” page. 

We need to be louder than the Growlers. We need to raise our voices loudly, together, and often.

Get started by finding the facts that speak loudest to you and

Read more about mapping the Olympic Peninsula training area (Basewatch, The Evergreen State College)

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