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Joining Meetings and Best Practices

Joining Meetings
Installation & Sign In:
  1. Download the Zoom application for your electronic device here:
    Zoom Installers
    Apple iOS

  2. Install the Zoom application. Then launch the Zoom application (start/open the Zoom software) and Sign in/Create an account.

Join meeting procedure:
  • Launch the Zoom application.

  • If you have a meeting invite in an email or calendar event, then click the hyperlink. You may be prompted to open Zoom from your browser.

  • Instructions for joining a Zoom meeting via phone without using the mobile app can be found here: Joining a Zoom Meeting Via Voice Call (Phone)
    (Note: this can result in long-distance charges. We encourage using the mobile app if you aren't using a computer)

To leave/end your meeting:
  • Click the “Leave Meeting” button.

Best Practices
  • Locate yourself in a quiet, distraction-free, and comfortable space.

  • Have your video and audio device connected to your device and tested before you begin. If you are connecting to an audio-only meeting, you only need a microphone.

  • Close all tabs on your browser that you do not need.

In-Meeting etiquette:
  • Stay on “mute” when you’re not talking. This is especially helpful in case of typing, email notifications, doorbell ringing, dog barking, kids playing in the background, coughing etc. (Note: Please remember to mute in the application and not at the headset. Some headsets have a mute on the cord, but these do not fully mute audio on some headsets, so please do not use it.)

  • To temporarily unmute - hold the spacebar on your keyboard. To unmute fully, click the unmute button on Zoom.

  • Be aware that you are always on camera; anything you would not do in public would apply here.

  • “Raise your hand” to let the host know you would like to speak or ask a question by clicking the “Reactions” button.

  • Zoom Chat - you can use Zoom Chat during the meeting to send questions or statements to everyone or a single person without having to talk.

  • We encourage attendees to keep their camera on for the duration of the meeting to feel more connected, however, you may turn your camera off and rename yourself in the meeting if you would prefer to remain anonymous or if you are unable to attend from a distraction-free area.

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