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Growler Jet Noise Impacts

Noise over 70dB for a prolonged period of time is harmful to your ears and can cause permanent hearing damage. Our region is being exposed to excessive noise levels and we are facing the consequences. Scroll down to listen to the Growlers and better understand the impact of military jet noise on our communities, animals, and natural spaces. Read our Stories to understand how the jets affect the everyday lives of people around the region.

*TRIGGER WARNING: Videos contain Growler jet noise which may be disturbing to people with PTSD or who are sensitive to loud noises.*

Send your videos to to have your experience be heard!

Time-lapse video (no audio) of all Jet Noise Reports from 2020, month-to-month (note: reporting pins may cover others over time).


Created by Sarah Blake.

Hover over “Noise Monitoring” in our menu tab to learn how to add YOUR pin to the map and report jet noise.

Read about Lauren Kuehne‘s research and publications on Growler noise and orcas.

LC 3 Coupeville Oct 2023
LC 2 Coupeville Oct 2023
LC 1 Coupeville Oct 2023
Andrea 4 Oct 2023
Andrea 3 Oct 2023
Andrea 2 Oct 2023
Andrea 1 Oct 2023
Dec 2021
Jan 2021 Coupeville 480
Nov 2021
June 2021 Coupeville
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