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Videos & Films about military jet impacts


Videos contain Growler jet noise which may be disturbing to people with PTSD or who are sensitive to loud noises.

When the Jets Fly:
New Warplanes Turn U.S. Towns into Sonic Hellscapes

U.S. communities are beset by deafening roars from a generation of louder military aircraft — and they are fighting back.

The sound of the U.S. military’s latest generation of warplanes is quite literally deafening. The vibration shakes your insides. Conversation stops. Stress floods your body. And just when you think it’s over, another jet, and another and another, roars above rooftops, until it feels as though the sky is going to crack open.

A film by Nina Berman.

Read more on The Intercept

Jet Line: Voicemails from the Flight Path

This short documentary employs an anonymous hotline to elevate the voices beneath Vermont’s F-35 flight path, the first urban residents to live with one of the US military’s most controversial weapons systems overhead.

Tranquil scenes of unassuming neighborhoods near Burlington International Airport are juxtaposed with voicemails of the unheard, those drowned out by the ear-shattering “sound of freedom.”

A film by Duane Peterson III & Patrick McCormack.


Sound Off: Giving Voice to our Community

The Sound Off Rally attracted approximately 700 people to 4 different events across NW Washington (500 Coupeville, and approximately 75 at each venue for Port Townsend, Lopez Island, and Anacortes) came to send a message loud and clear to their elected officials, the Navy, and the Department of Defense in Washington D.C – "We hear you. Do you hear us? No New Jets. No New Flights."

The event in Coupeville, Washington afforded community members the opportunity to tell their story. These sound bites help tell the story of what is happening to our communities throughout our NW region.

An SDA Event.

Hear Our Olympics

The wild Olympic Peninsula is like nowhere else. It has been recognized as a national park, a wilderness area, an International Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site, and the quietest space in the lower 48. Yet, the park’s rare and distinctive soundscape is threatened by new and unnatural noises: Navy electronic warfare training by jet in the skies over the park. “Hear Our Olympics” examines this threat and the challenges it poses to the park’s soundscape as well as to U.S. military veterans.

A film by Spruce Tone Films for the National Parks Conservation Association.

The Man Trying to Save Silence

Gordon Hempton is on a personal quest to preserve silence in nature. The “sound-tracker” circles the globe recording vanishing sounds, including the most elusive one of all: silence. Twelve years ago, Hempton resolved to find the quietest place in Washington's Hoh rainforest, itself a haven of silence. According to Hempton, the area he found is precisely one square inch. But that little area of quiet—which holds incredible value for the Earth—is endangered. Now, Hempton is determined to protect it from noise pollution like overpassing jets, lest we lose one of our country’s last remaining silent places.

A film by Great Big Story.

Plane Truths

The recent expansion of Navy training activities in the Northwest has many local residents concerned. Community members on Whidbey Island, the San Juans, and the Olympic Peninsula are disturbed by an increase in noise caused by new EA-18G "Growler" jets based at Naval Air Station Whidbey (NAS) — and a significant proposed expansion of daily Growler test flights. On Whidbey, communities have been additionally impacted by water system pollution caused by chemicals used for firefighting on NAS landing strips.

A film by Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin from Bullfrog Films.

Please purchase or rent Plane Truths to watch the full film:

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