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Maximize Your Message

Tips for Effectively Communicating with your Elected Officials

Phone Calls

Most advocates advise that phone calls are the most powerful way to reach your representatives. We have provided numbers for local offices, as well as DC offices; local offices may have more time to speak with you.

  1. State your name and zip code, mention that you are a WA state or district constituent.

  2. Identify the issue you are calling about. “I’m calling about the expansion of Growler jets…”

  3. Clearly state what you want your rep to do. A one sentence message.  Write down your message ahead of time – and practice.

  4. Be polite and respectful.

  5. Call once – or at least until you reach a human or voicemail. You can call every day!

Email and Snail Mail

  1. Email is the preferred method. (Snail mail takes weeks to deliver because of mail screening in Congress.)

  2. Be brief. 1 – 2 paragraphs is best.

  3. Personalize your message. Use your own experiences in your own words.

  4. Clearly state what you want your representative to do. A one sentence message.

  5. Be respectful.

  6. No attachments.

  7. Proof-read before you send.

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