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Base Building Committee Update – February 2021

The Base Building Committee invites you to join us in planning virtual gatherings across the region this spring. Please contact us at if you would like to help. We are also planning a region wide community gathering in April to focus on team building, developing action plans, and volunteer engagement.

We’d also like to share the links from our fall digital gatherings on Whidbey in December and Port Townsend in November:

Youtube link for December Whidbey gathering: Vimeo link for the Whidbey Zoom Vimeo link to the Olympic Peninsula Zoom

We will be urging every regional group to focus on building their base to obtain support from local elected officials for both holding the Navy accountable to the intent of the real time sound monitoring study and in supporting the implementation of our roadmap that would keep the base open while relocating the Growlers to an area where local communities and sensitive environments would not be harmed by the noise and impact. We look forward to a year ahead of action, growing support, and positive change!

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