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Community Hearing – Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Stand up for Our Region Against the Department of Defense and the Massive Growler Jet Expansion!

Our region has been a good partner to the DoD, but the proposed Growler Jet expansion is just too much. By standing together, our local and state leaders have told the DoD that we must do more to protect our historic Northwest treasures. This has triggered a local hearing with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) on the Growlers impact on Ebey’s Landing Historical Reserve and other historical treasures.

December 19, 5 – 7 PM

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation – Community Hearing

Coupeville High School Performing Arts Center

501 S Main Street

Coupeville, WA 98239

YOUR VOICE MATTERS: We need the community to show up to let elected leaders, the DoD, and ACHP know that we all care about our historic treasures and we know that money will not protect them.

This hearing is an opportunity to leave ACHP members with insights into the critical role of the Reserve and its crucial role in lives of Central Whidbey citizens, Island County taxpayers, and as a national park destination that attracts millions each year.


  • Speak at the Hearing – You must register in advance to speak.

  • Submit a Written Comment – The ACHP accepts comments until Jan 14.

  • Take Part in a Planned Community Action – Stay tuned for specific plans at this site.

  • Show Up at the Hearing – Stand with others to let the ACHP see the scale of community opposition to the planned ravaging of the Reserve.

Register to comment or send in a comment:

Include your name and any organizational affiliation.

Submit to:

Fax: (202) 517-6381

Post: Ms. Katharine R. Kerr

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

401 F Street, NW, Suite 308

Washington, DC 20001-2637


  • The process is broken: The Navy assessment leaves out many historic treasures in the region in 5 counties that will be damaged by the expansion.

  • Speak to your own connection to the Reserve: The Navy admits that increased noise and vibration at Ebey’s reserve will damage historic treasures – money cannot fix these once they are lost.

  • Noise from the Growler expansion will spoil the Reserve and the historic treasures of this region: 24,000 operations/year will drive homeowners, farmers, business owners, recreationists and tourists from the Reserve, Central Whidbey and the region.

  • The Navy’s offer to mitigate damage from increased noise to the Reserve was totally inadequate and soundly rejected by state and local leaders. The consultation with community stakeholders failed to produce an agreement acceptable to all parties and Navy terminated discussions on Nov 30. The ACHP has 45 days to review the impact of the Growler expansion on Ebey’s Historical Reserve and provide comment to the Secretary of the Navy.

  • The Navy’s review of historic preservation impacts excluded the public and the rest of the impacted region.

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