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Film Screening of “Jet Line”

October 27th @ 5:30pm

SAVE the DATE! We will be hosting a film screening of “Jet Line”, a documentary on the impact of noise from the F-35 jets in Burlington, Vermont. This short film utilizes an anonymous hotline to elevate the voices beneath Vermont’s F-35 flight path, the first urban residents to live with the impacts of one of the US military’s most controversial weapons systems. Tranquil scenes of quiet neighborhoods near Burlington International Airport are juxtaposed with voicemails of the unheard, those drowned out by the ear-shattering “sound of freedom.”

Similar to our fight here in Washington, citizens in Vermont are being assaulted by the harmful and excessive noise from military jets. We invite you to join us for viewing of “Jet Line” and discussion with the filmmakers to learn more about their efforts and how their work can help inspire changes in our region! We will also learn about how to set up a “Jet Line” so that we can explore the creation of our own PNW “Jetline” with a focus on audio storytelling as a form of educating our elected officials.

Send an email to to request the link and join us for the screening!

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