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How Growler jets are impacting our region


"Have you heard the roar of the Growler jets overhead during the day and evening? I have. Have your conversations, your work or your sleep have been disrupted by thunderous jet noise? That’s true for me.

Based at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, the EA-18G Growler emits a deep rumbling noise that gives it its name. While the jets are practicing takeoff and landing from Whidbey, their flight routes extend over the Salish Sea, over our homes.

The Navy’s own 2018 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and 2020 Supplemental EIS identify that jet noise levels heard on the ground can be as loud as 121 decibels (dBA). That’s what you experience in front of a rock band, or a chainsaw running next to your head. Imagine hearing that on a regular basis, for five long minutes, or spread over hours.

The obvious concern is hearing damage. Studies show there are other serious impacts such as increased blood pressure, sleep disturbance, stress and interference with childhood learning. Scientists also found that the noise impacts orcas, birds and others. It impacts our quality of life and realtors find that property values are impacted in some areas..."

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