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Join our Letters to the Editor Campaign

Share your experience with the Growlers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Tell us your stories. Join our Letters to the Editor Campaign.

SDA wants to hear YOUR stories! How have Growler operations during the COVID-19 Stay Home, Stay Safe mandate affected your quality of life?

We know there are many stories across our region about the impact of the Growler noise on residents on the Olympic Peninsula, Whidbey Island, the San Juan Islands, Camano Island, Anacortes, Fidalgo, and the Skagit Valley.

Here are the voices of people impacted by Growler flights during COVID-19 lockdown:

“If this is the schedule then why the h*** do they fly from 8 AM through the afternoon all the way to night, so basically all day every freaking day regardless of this stupid fake made up schedule that is a TOTAL MYTH. What is the point in even posting it if they fly all waking hours no matter what?? Even during this COVID-19 business, they are making zero adjustments to air traffic??? Are you kidding! Its ruining lives down here, its unbearable, can’t deal with this anymore!!”
“What a nightmare for all of us. I am so disheartened by them tormenting us night after night. Nervous systems going into panic mode is not exactly the way to fortify your immune system during a pandemic.”
“Quarantined at home with nowhere to go to get away from the noise, it is going to be a long week here in Admiral’s Cove.”
“I’m sick and tired of never knowing when they are going to show up. Today’s schedule: “Mid-afternoon” is the start time. They just showed up and started flying at 11 am. The other day, “mid-afternoon” meant 2 pm. This is important. You can’t do anything outside while this is going on, at least not without serious disruption. It screws up your plans.”
“We’re across the sound and can see their touch and goes and the noise is disruptive here. Instead of war planes, the war is down here, on earth and invisible. We are collateral damage caused by reckless government.”

Stories form a strong foundation for letters to the editor. Please contact us to join our region wide Letters to the Editor (LTE) Campaign in May 2020. We want to hear from you! Tell us about your experience in Forks, in Anacortes, on Orcas Island, in the Skagit Valley during the pandemic lockdown.

We are looking for letter writers along with a community coordinator/point person for each community as we form a regional LTE group to work together to convey how important it is that the Navy choose to train elsewhere right now. We will provide talking points and sample letters. Join us! Contact SDA at:

SDA just sent out this press release addressing the current flight schedule, the suffering across the region, and the request of the Navy to fly the Growlers elsewhere during the COVID-19 Stay Home Stay Safe mandate. Your stories and letters will support this effort.

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